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Call For A Free Consultation: (530) 287-6674

Call For A Free Consultation: (530) 287-6674

“Attorney Ben Helfman took my case several weeks after I was injured 5 1/2 years ago. My injuries resulted in 3 surgeries, including a knee replacement and a major back surgery, as well as several other procedures. I was not in physical shape, nor the mood, to deal with the insurance company. Mr. Helfman was very professional and prompt in dealing with my case and his office and staff were easy to contact. His staff was always very courteous and friendly throughout. Mr. Helfman recently guided my case to a very fair settlement and with his involvement, I had no problem being compensated by the insurance during my ordeal. I am totally satisfied and highly recommend Ben Helfman to anyone. You’ll be in good hands!”– Ray Urquhart

“I am very blessed to have Ben Helfman as my lawyer. Thank you Ben: I would be homeless. I’m very lucky because my first lawyer quit me. My case has not been very easy. Ben Helfman is a real trooper. I would refer to Ben Helfman. He is very professional at his job. Thank you.”– Troy Cook

“I am a client of Leep, Tescher, Helfman and Zanze. Ben Helfman is my lawyer. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a thoroughly outstanding job Ben Helfman and his staff are doing for me in my Workers’ Compensation case. These individuals are complete professionals in their handling of my case, and keep me informed on every aspect of the case. Benjamin Helfman and his staff are an amazing team and a huge asset to Leep, Tescher, Helfman and Zanze. I greatly appreciate and thank them, and always tell people about the excellent service and prompt response from Ben Helfman, Esq. at Leep, Tescher, Helfman and Zanze. He’s the best attorney I have ever met, and I couldn’t be more satisfied!!! My calls are always answered or returned very promptly. Ben Helfman’s services greatly exceed my expectation: He really listens to my needs and at all times is very professional. He always answers all of my questions. Ben Helfman is great at communicating whenever I have case questions and is diligent in fighting for my rights. Thank you for your great service and support; I would be lost without you and your staff. I tell everybody I can about your firm.”– Catherine from Cottonwood, CA

“My story began when I was injured at work. My severe chronic pain was getting me down and I was very frustrated because my employer wasn’t reporting all of my wages. Many times I called my employer’s Human Resource Department in Sacramento which compounded my situation trying to correct the amount of income. My calls were never returned. That’s when I looked up work comp attorneys in the phone book. The truth is, I prayed and asked the Lord to help me. My eyes went right to Benjamin Helfman and it was the easiest and best decision ever. My injuries were numerous and serious. Many surgeries with severe pain and depression. During the course of my case, I was sent 4 times to Sacramento to an agreed-on work comp doctor. Each time I saw him he told me Ben Helfman knows medical and his clients file better than any other attorney. He also told me Ben Helfman is the best attorney that has ever taken his deposition. Ben Helfman understands chronic severe pain and depression and he arranged for me to see the best doctors and therapists. You may ask yourself, why do I need an attorney? Having a work comp injury means you will be flooded with paperwork that needs a response in a very timely way. Ben Helfman and his entire team took all of it off my plate. His entire team took very good care of me. They also facilitated all my surgeries without one denial and made sure all my paperwork was answered, filed, authorizations were completed and never a piece of paper lost. Ben Helfman always calls you back no matter what. It’s just incredible that I was never denied anything that was requested. That in itself is just amazing. Worker’s Compensation laws are ever-changing. The thing you need to know for sure when you choose Ben Helfman for your attorney and that is this; he isn’t “practicing” law, he knows the California Worker’s Compensation laws completely. Trying to navigate your own case would be a disaster. Just trying to keep up with court filings, appeals, referrals, negotiations and making sure your disability payments are based on all your wages including bonuses and overtime. Personally, I absolutely could not have represented myself due to the chronic severe pain combined with the depression I experienced. Being out of work suddenly from an injury presents challenges like paying bills. It takes a toll after a while that’s why I would refer any California injured worker to Ben Helfman’s office. He will take very good care of you and protect you and knows your rights. Ben Helfman, of course, won my work comp case and assisted in my getting approved for Social Security Disability on my first try. I feel as though I owe Ben Helfman and his entire team much more than his fee. He’s brilliant and he was my answer to prayer.”– Barbara Eatmon, formerly from Anderson, CA

“I was until recently a client of Leep, Tescher, Helfman and Zanze. Mr. Benjamin K. Helfman was my lawyer. This is a testimonial to his excellence as a Workers’ Compensation attorney. Benjamin was caring, fair and easy to talk to. No questions were too small or too simple for him to answer over the many years he worked for and with me on my case. He did a great job working on and ultimately settling my case and I am very happy with the generous settlement he was able to negotiate for me. I would recommend Benjamin K. Helfman to anybody contemplating starting, or already involved in, a workers’ compensation claim. I doubt that you will be able to beat his professionalism, compassion and commitment to your case and needs during the entire process. Thank you, Benjamin, you are the best!”– Marge Buechner

“Ben is very professional, yet took the time to explain and answer all my concerns and questions. All my procedures were taken care of and my settlement was quite fair. I would highly recommend his representation to anyone with a WC problem.”– Terry

“Been Helfman and his team were very professional in the handling of my cases. I had 2 cases and I am very satisfied with how Ben settled then both. He say down with me and read and explained everything paragraph of every document to me in language I could understand. Very nice guy and great Attorney.”– Mike

“Mr. Helfman has been very compassionate. He has the patience of Jobe. He and his team have always been very available and attentive. I had a complex case with difficult legal issues. I was happy with the result. I would highly recommend him.”– Kerry

“Ben has worked very diligently over a long period of time to help me with my worker’s compensation injury. He has been available for questions and inquiries within a very timely fashion. I am extremely happy and satisfied with his (and his staff’s) help during this time period that was very stressful for me.”– Franklin

“First off let me start by saying that I give Benjamin Karl Helfman an enthusiastic 5stars and absolutely recommend him as an attorney. I feel blessed to have had him recommended to me. I consulted Ben on my workers’ compensation claim. Ben was incredibly responsive. He helped me navigate a paralyzingly confusing bureaucratic system. Not only did he answer my questions he calmed my fears and put my mind at ease. I am eternally grateful.”– Bethany

“I had a very extensive phone consultation with Mr. Helfman when I was expecting a cursory 15 minute phone consult. Mr. Helfman gave me advice that I had not heard from any other WC attorney I had spoken with. I came away from the conversation armed and better equipped to make informed decisions going forward. At this time we are waiting to see how WC responds before taking legal action. I truly appreciated his candid, straight forward advice and would highly recommend him if you find yourself injured and trying to navigate the overwhelming world of Worker’s Compensation.”– Johnnie

“Benjamin Helfman stood up for me and had my back during my work comp. case. He and his team of professional’s at LEEP, TESCHER, HELFMAN & ZANZE ATTORNEYS AT LAW made sure I was taken care of and compensated for my work injury. Thanks Ben.”– Trevor

“Very helpful explains process so I can understand each step. Keeps in contact and answers calls emails promptly. I would recommend Mr. Helfman if you are looking for an honest reliable workers comp attorney .”– A Satisfied Client

“Ben has done a great job keeping me informed and listening to my thoughts about my case always giving me good advice and options of how to get the best settlement possible for my situation I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a work comp attorney.”– Sophranna

“I’ve never found myself in a situation requiring attorney services and it sure can be a stressful time having so many uncertainties. Thanks to Ben Helfman and his team, I was able to get a free consultation scheduled quickly that I so badly needed. Ben took his time answering all my questions, never rushed to end the consultation, and even provided insight beyond my concerns. I am thoroughly impressed with the services I have received. I would recommend anyone in need of an attorney regarding a workers comp situation to reach out. Thanks again Mr. Helfman.”– Cody C.

“Benjamin Helfman and Russel have been a big help through the process of my work comp case. They have gone the extra mile to help me understand the fine print and my options to make the best decisions. I could not do it without them.”– Joshua T.

“Mr. Helfman and his staff made everything about my case smooth and effortless. He was very clear and concise when explaining things and was always able to answer my questions. His office staff were very polite and timely anytime I called or needed anything. Although I hope I never need to, I would definitely hire him again and will certainly recommend!”– Donaven N.

“Mr. Helfman and his staff are very helpful, exceedingly knowledgeable, and showed Genuine Care for my case, injury, and overall wellbeing. A true and worthy guide along a winding , and sometimes nebulous road. They have my gratitude.”– Dennis M.

“Vary helpful, informative, with workers comp! So patient, I didn’t understand some things, and took extra time to explain them.”– Abi M.

“Ben Helfman assisted in my departure from “worker’s comp world” by negotiating a fair settlement with my worker’s comp adjuster and was able to come within a few $$ of my goal amount. He also spent several hours going through all of the proposed settlement pages with me, explaining what the “legalese” meant, and answering any questions that I had. He was very professional, friendly, and obviously very knowledgeable in his field. It was a pleasure working with Mr. Helfman.”– Aunt M.

“I have been taking my husband to Mr. Helfman for a lot of years. He has always gone above and beyond on my husbands case, We Would HIGHLY recommend anyone to hire him, if you want an attorney with, professionalism, timely turn around and explains the case events very thoroughly.”– Paula H.

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