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  • By: Benjamin Helfman, Esq.
  • Published: July 15, 2021
A man with back pain, highlighted spine - Leep Tescher Helfman and Zanze

Many injuries heal and end up just as strong and durable as they were before the injury occurred. If you break a bone, for instance, you will likely heal completely and not need to worry about it again.

But what if you injure your back? This type of injury can put you out of work for a long time, and you may still feel nervous about reinjuring it after you do get back on the job. Is it more likely that this will happen a second time?

It May Be, Though It Depends On The Injury

All injuries are different. If you get hurt, you need to talk to your medical care provider, and they’ll be able to give you a better idea of what type of recovery you’re looking at.

That said, researchers do note that things like chronic pain syndrome can set in when you’ve had one injury, even if it has mostly healed. You may always have some level of pain and feel concerned about making it worse.

The severity also matters. If it’s something like a pulled muscle or a strain, your pain should fade in days or weeks. If you suffer a broken back in a workplace fall, though, it’s difficult to tell how much that spinal cord injury will actually heal. That type of injury could certainly lead to long-term issues and the chance of injuring your back again.

Seeking The Right Compensation

Back injuries are incredibly common and a major source of pain and discomfort for Americans. If you get hurt on the job, you need to know what rights you have to workers’ compensation.

Attorney Benjamin Helfman is a dedicated California workers’ compensation attorney serving injured workers and employees in Shasta County and beyond. Attorney Helfman brings a wide breadth of experience and deep knowledge to the field of workers’ compensation, aiming to demystify its complex legal procedures to help the injured and disabled understand their rights and secure the financial compensation they deserve.

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