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  • By: Benjamin Helfman, Esq.
  • Published: July 2, 2021
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If you have been injured while performing your duties, the California labor law entitles you to a workers’ compensation for your injuries. However, it is imperative that you report your injury within the stipulated time limit to be eligible for compensation. Once this time limit elapses, you might no longer have a cause of action since your right to the compensation will be effectively barred.

Reporting Your Workplace Injury In California

If you are hurt at work in California, you will be required to report your work-related injury within 30 days. First, you should report the injury to your employer in writing. Remember, failure to report your injury or condition within 30 days may result in you losing your right to claim the compensation you are entitled to.

Start by reporting your injury to the immediate supervisor. And if there is a specific department or person designated to document injury reports, be sure to notify the department or person as soon as you can. If the injury is so severe to the point of requiring emergency care, focus on your health first and contact the employer immediately afterward. It is important that you let the emergency room doctors know that your injury happened while at work. This is important as it will be captured in your medical report.

Within one day after learning about your injury, your employer is required to provide you with an injured worker claim form. You will then be required to fill and submit this form back to your employer within 30 days. However, you have a right to begin receiving your workers’ compensation benefits up to one year from the date of your injury.

Workplace injuries happen all the time. Whether or not your injury resulted from your employer’s fault, you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits to help you take care of the medical bills as well as other loses. If you are injured while performing your duties at work, an experienced California workplace injury attorney can review your case and offer the legal advice or representation you need to get the benefits you deserve.

Attorney Benjamin Helfman is a dedicated California workers’ compensation attorney serving injured workers and employees in Shasta County and beyond. Attorney Helfman brings a wide breadth of experience and deep knowledge to the field of workers’ compensation, aiming to demystify its complex legal procedures to help the injured and disabled understand their rights and secure the financial compensation they deserve.

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