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  • By: Benjamin Helfman, Esq.
  • Published: July 10, 2020
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When many people hear about workers compensation claims, they think about falls, broken bones, and other workplace injuries. However, there is a new threat to employee health that is being recognized.

OSHA is now reporting that Ototoxicants, chemicals that cause hearing loss and balance problems when absorbed, inhaled or ingested, may be endangering the quality of life of employees across the nation. OSHA has grouped Ototoxicants into five separate categories: pharmaceuticals, asphyxiants, solvents, metals and compounds, and nitriles.

In addition to the damage to an employee’s quality of life, this also poses a safety risk as these issues can cause workers to not be able to properly distinguish the voice of a coworker who may be warning them of impending danger. This type of issue is known as speech discrimination dysfunction.

This new threat has opened up a new world of possibilities to injured workers looking to file workers compensation claims. Employees are being subjected to danger that may go well beyond the annoyances of diminished hearing, and may lead to catastrophic workplace injuries.

The employees who are eligible to receive workers compensation claims related to Ototoxicants are not restricted to those who have a documented work status with the United States government. Those employees who are being put at risk through the use of Ototoxicants in the workplace include undocumented employees who can qualify for workers compensation for undocumented workers.

If a client been subjected to Ototoxicants in the workplace, a lawyer may want to thoroughly discuss that exposure and what symptoms are currently presenting. That lawyer can also walk a client through the steps that have to be taken to get them the financial restitution due them.

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